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Bolton Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits
The Bolton landlord accreditation scheme offers valuable benefits to both private landlords and their tenants. Many of the benefits offered are accessed directly through Scheme.
The main benefits of the Scheme are
FREE Membership & Services
Accreditation Schemes offer private landlords improved access to information, advice and support provided by a number of housing services specialists.
Find a Tenant Service - Free Advertising of Accredited Properties to Let
Property to let adverts including colour photos are published online on two websites and displayed in a large number of housing offices across Bolton, reaching thousands of prospective tenants looking for a new home.
Former Tenant Reference Checks
Available when you use our find a tenant service, cross referencing and checking of former tenant information held by some of the largest housing providers in Bolton.
Tenancy Management Documents
Examples of forms and letters including tenancy agreements, inventories, rent cards, statements and arrears letters, complaint, warning and Notices Seeking Possession letters; "Welcome to your Tennancy - Tenant information" pack are available in our Members' Area or request from an officer.
Problem Tenancies
Advice and support is available to help reduce or prevent problems in tenancies that might otherwise have led to a tenancy ending prematurely, or even claims of harassment and illegal eviction
Housing Newsletter
National and regional housing related news articles are brought together in one newsletter every fortnight. Includes details of introduction and changes to legislation affecting the private rented sector.
Accredited Landlord
Landlords who meet scheme requirements will be awarded Accredited Landlord status and receive an Accredited Landlord Certificate.
Accredited Property
Individual properties which meet scheme requirements will be awarded Accredited Property status and receive an Accredited Property Certificate
Market Advantage
Landlords can promote their accreditation status to generate a market advantage over similar housing providers
Prospective Tenants
Responsible tenants recognise the importance of, and are able to seek out registered landlords and well managed properties through the Accreditation Scheme.
Landlord Network & Events
Communicate with private landlords like yourself operating in Bolton or meet with housing services specialists by attending our periodic landlord forums and training sessions.

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