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Housing Benefits Service

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is the Government's way of working out & paying Housing Benefit to Tenants. LHA was implemented with effect from 7th April 2008.

  1. LHA is a flat rate allowance that is means tested.
  2. The LHA rates are decided by the Rent Service and are based on the broad geographical area that the tenant lives in. This area is referred to as the Broad Rental Market Area (BRMA). There are currently three BRMA's in Bolton.
  3. A tenant's LHA rate will be based on their accommodation requirements rather than the type of property they are renting.
  4. LHA rates will be published in April and will apply for 12 months. The rates are available on the Bolton Council website. The LHA rate used will be based on the number of bedrooms required by the tenant and their family. Please click here to view this year's LHA rates
  5. Tenants will be able to find out how much LHA they will be entitled to based on the size and make up of their family. This means they will be able to work out what type of accommodation they can afford before they move in to a property.
  6. In most cases LHA will be paid directly to the tenant. There are some exceptions to this rule if there is evidence that the tenant would have difficulty taking responsibility for paying their rent.
  7. If a tenant falls into rent arrears of 8 weeks or more payment of LHA can be paid direct to the landlord. Landlords will be required to provide evidence of rent arrears and so it will be important to keep accurate records of the rent charged and payments received.

Click here for information on Housing Benefits for Landlords on the Council Website
Click here for the main page on Housing Benefits on the Council Website containing forms and downloads for tenants
Please click link here to view presentation on Housing Benefit Reform Update May 2011. This presentation outlined changes that have been applied to the LHA including capping, direct payments, discretionary housing payments and future changes.

If you or your tenants have queries, problems or issues with your tenant's Housing Benefit claim or payments, you or your tenant can avoid queuing up at the Town Hall by making your enquiries online via the email address below.
Please remember to quote all necessary details and reference numbers etc.

Housing Benefits Service
Town Hall, Victoria Square, Bolton, BL1 1RU


01204 331590




Housing Benefits, Bolton Council, P.O. Box 4, Bolton, BL1 1RX

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